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From the back cover:

"The 9 Ways of Working introduces the nine personality styles of the Enneagram, a classic, highly powerful approach to work and life. Each of the Enneagram's nine types has a distinct worldview that determines how they think, what they want, and why they act the way they do.  You'll recognize the personality types of the people you work with- colleagues, clients bosses- as well as your own. And you'll discover the most effective ways to work with these people."

"Keep it right on your desk!"
-Canadian Manager

"Practical and immediately useful"

- Getting Results, American Management Association


From the back cover:

Travels with Odysseus retells the earthy and profound adventures of the Greek hero Odysseus as teaching stories which hold insight and guidance for our own present day journey. On his winding odyssey, Odysseus meets magical and powerful beings, who are not shy about meddling in his affairs. Some see him for who he really is and help him; they bring him wisdom and attainment, and unlock creative possibilities. Others, aggravating and difficult strangers, try to do him in: Odysseus gets sidetracked, enchanted, waylaid. Some truths he learns easily and others he resists. In all of this, Odysseus is not so different than the rest of us.

9 wAYS
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